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A Review On Acceptance Models For Wearable Technologies

Ozan Raşit Yürüm

[email protected], Middle East Technical University

Okan Arslan

[email protected], Texas Tech University

Wearable technologies have become very popular recently with the improvements in information and communication technologies. Therefore, a number of wearable devices such as smart watches or smart t-shirts have been developed. This increase in number of wearable technologies led organizations or researchers to seek adoption and acceptance factors of the wearable devices by users. As a result, researchers tried to develop their own acceptance model for wearable technologies. Even though there are many researches about wearable technologies, there is no research that explains current trend in existing wearable technology acceptance models. Therefore, the main purpose of this study is to investigate and examine proposed acceptance or adoption models of wearable technologies in various areas. For this reason, a systematic literature review based on the combination of two key sets which are {Wearable Technology, Wearable Computer, Wearable Device} and {Acceptance, Adoption, Acceptance Model, Adoption Model} was performed in five well-known databases in order to determine studies proposing or using acceptance or adoption models between 2007 and 2017. As a result, 36 researches were determined to organize and classify the literature of acceptance and adoption of wearable technologies. The findings show that there is a serious increase in last three years (n=29). In addition, most of the studies focus on either medical/wellness (n=13) or lifestyle computing (n=10) domains. Finally, most of the studies (n=26) use Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) by combining its constructs with other models or product features.


Wearable Technology Adoption Models, Technology Acceptance, Wearable Technology, Systematic Literature Review