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An Analysis Of The Effect Of Digital Badge Usage Of Secondary School Students On Their Attitudes Towards Information Technologies

Agah Tuğrul Korucu

[email protected], Necmettin Erbakan University

Güleser Maya

[email protected], Necmettin Erbakan University

The use of technology in education and the use of technological tools in education increase the quality of education and make learning more permanent and productive. Along with the rapid development of technology, the digitization of games and the acceptance of the game philosophy to various sectors have increased the tendency to work in this direction. The use of educational games in education has now begun to be seen as an ordinary concept. Dramatization may be defined as  creating the experience for the user, or using the video game components in order to include the user in the game and make it dependent on the game in innon-game systems. Moving from here; one of the most important components of this study is to examine the effect of digital badges on students' attitudes towards information technologies at secondary school level. In this study, quantitative research has been adopted and carried out in a hatch pattern. The study's study group consists of 122 randomly chosen secondary school students who continue their education in a state secondary school in the province of Afyon. In the research, demographical data collection form developed by researchers as the data collection tool and "Attitude Scale Towards Information Technologies" developed by Aydoğan (2013) were used. Factor names consisting of 17 items and having a four factor structure are as follows; Addiction towards Information Technologies, Interest towards Information Technologies, Disinterest towards Information Technologies and Anxiety towards Information Technologies. Scale was ranged by the participants' choice of "strongly disagree", "disagree", "partially agree", "agree" and "strongly agree" on a 5-point Likert-type scale. The internal consistency coefficient of the scale was found to be Cronbach Alpha .763. As a result of the research, secondary school students using digital badges have attained high attitudes towards information technologies.


Secondary School Student, Digital Badge, Attitude Towards Information Technologies, Information and Communication Technologies, Class Dojo.