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Enablers And Barriers of Using a Blended Learning Environment İn a Material Design Course

Erman Uzun

[email protected], Mersin University

Mehmet Mevlüt Odacı

[email protected], Mersin University

Internet is using as a instructional tool more day by day. This situation arises the concern of how media, technology, and learning environments affect instructional processes. Many studies investigated the effect of media and technology in learning with a comparison of face-to-face learning environments. In the blended environment, it can be thought that using these two environments that are integrated, the barriers of each environment can be diminished with the advantages of the other. The purpose of this study is to examine and describe students’ views on the use of a blended learning environment. A case study was carried out in an undergraduate course. 70 students participated to this study. Interviews and perception questionnaires were the main data sources. The main aim to collect the perceptions of students in the current study was to get deeper understanding of the phenomena of blended learning experience.  In a blended learning environment design and the perceptions of the students can contribute to a much-needed knowledge for successful design. The enablers of blended learning environment were students’ interest, more participation, flexibility, time, more interaction and communicaiton opportunities.  The barriers were increased workload, adaptation to face-to-face  and online environment, time management. It can be concluded that use of blended learning environments could be advantegous but also it has unique barriers to consider. Moreover, it is thought that the initial concern of blended learning environments was how to find the balance of these environments in the context of one learning environment.


Blended Learning Environment, Enablers of Blended Learning, Barriers of Blended Learning