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Examining Preservice Science Teachers' Character And Values As Global Citizenships

Nilay Öztürk

[email protected], Ahi Evran University

As the citizens of 21st century, we are faced with complex issues such as climate change, nuclear power use, global warming, and the depletion of natural resources more than ever. In order to raise students and future teachers with the qualifications to find resolutions to these complex issues in just and equitable ways and to take part in decision-making processes, both elementary science education and teacher education programs should foster these qualifications. To achieve this, science educators and researchers point out the importance of moral, character, and citizenship education. The purpose of this study is to examine preservice science teachers’ character and values as global citizenships. The dimension of character and values included three key elements: ecological worldview, social and moral compassion, and socioscientific accountability. This study is a survey research and descriptive in nature. Character and Values as Global Citizens Assessment Questionnaire comprised of 20 Likert type items was used to collect data. The instrument was administered in Turkish. In total, 205 preservice science teachers across different grade levels participated to the study. The reliability and factor analysis of this recently developed questionnaire and the results regarding preservice science teachers’ character and values as global citizenships would contribute to science teacher education programs.

*This study was supported by Ahi Evran University Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit. Project Number: EGT.A4.17.022


Character, Value, Global citizenship, Preservice science teacher