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Examining Youtube In Context Of Turkish Users

Yeliz Tunga

[email protected], Middle East Technical University

Ali Geriş

[email protected], Marmara University

Nowadays, YouTube is the most popular social-media website after Google in the global ranking. Similarly, YouTube is the highly trendy web site in Turkey. In this study, most viewed 100 YouTube channels in Turkey is reviewed according to distributions of channels by categories, number of videos by categories, number of subscribers by categories, number of views by categories in order to determine current patterns of use of YouTube in Turkey and determine the current position of educational usage of YouTube. Statistical archival data collected from socialband.com website was used in this study.  The sample of the study was limited with Top 100 YouTube channels in Turkey due to practical and conventional reasons. Descriptive statistics were used analyze collected data. Findings show that entertainment and film and animation channels are most viewed channels in Turkey and there are only two educational channels in most viewed 100 Turkish channels. It is also found that although the total number of educational channel in Top 100 channel is quite limited, these channels have a large number of subscribers. Considering the aim of being a subscriber, it can be concluded that educational channels on YouTube have regular and purposeful audience compared to entertainment and film and animation channels.These results reveal the necessity of more qualified educational content on YouTube. Further research studies are necessary to the educational use of YouTube since these results were obtained from limited time data and YouTube has increasingly popularity and potential for educations. 





YouTube, social media, educational usage, video-content