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Experiences of Sophomores in Design and Development of Educational Video

Selcan Kilis

[email protected], Giresun Üniversitesi

Educational video provides to achieve desired goals and better learning experience, therefore is of value. This study investigates the experiences of sophomores in designing and development of an educational video as well as effectiveness of specifically designed course structure. This case study collected data from 14 sophomores educated in Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology in Giresun University, Turkey in spring term of 2016-17 academic year. The research context was an elective course: Design and Development of Educational Video taught based on constructivism, collaboration and problem-based learning. Students were interviewed before the course to determine their prior knowledge about how to design and develop an educational video besides its fundamental stages. After 14-week course and term project: design and development of educational video about how-to-do tasks with a group of 3-4 students, they were re-interviewed to unveil their experiences and knowledge. The findings indicated 13 students were benefitted from 14-week course, learned the phases of design and development of an educational video including writing scenario, preparing storyboard, recording and editing video, and favored group working. Those students further added they learned and got experience in audio and video editing software. Furthermore, they mentioned about the highlights of an educational video and recognized its effectiveness to reconstruct how-to-do tasks as an educational video.


educational video, how-to-do tasks, video in education