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Gamifying The 9 Events Of Instruction With Different Irss: The Views Of Social Sciences Teacher Candidates

Ekmel Çetin

[email protected], Kastamonu Üniversitesi

Ebru Solmaz

[email protected], Gazi Üniversitesi

Gagne's learning theory (conditions of learning) indicates that the learning is achieved by the interaction of various internal and external factors. The use of supportive technological materials to provide interaction within these factors to keep learning at a higher level may increase the expected performance, especially in theoretical courses. With the development of technology in education, gamification-based computer or mobile applications that are used in the courses as supportive materials can be used in the 9 steps specified by Gagne. The aim of this study is to evaluate the use of gamification-based interactive response system (IRS) tools in the Social Studies course according to Gagne’s learning theory. 23 teacher candidates from the department of Social Sciences Education participated to the study. Kahoot, Plickers, Socrative, Quizlet and FlipQuiz were used in Social Studies course for 3 weeks. Teacher candidates prepared questions about the determined topic and they entered them to the determined IRS tools, then selected teacher candidates demonstrated others how to use the tool for each of them. Online forms were used to collect their views. As well as Kahoot and FlipQuiz tools have some limitations, they stated that all the IRSs can be used in Social Sciences because of their various features according to the findings. Results were discussed according to how to use IRSs in the 9 steps of Gagne and recommendations were given at the end of the study.


gagne's 9 events, conditions of learning, gamification, interactive response systems, social sciences