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Interaction Patterns Of Teachers And Students At High School İn Social Media

Selcan Kilis

[email protected], Giresun Üniversitesi

Yasemin Gülbahar

[email protected], Ankara Üniversitesi

It is inevitable to benefit from social media in education due to its cost, popularity, availability, etc. The research on this issue, however were mostly in higher education. Therefore, this study investigates interaction patterns of teachers with their students at high school level in social media besides looking for difference depending on their gender and disciplines. This quantitative study was designed as a survey study. The participants (N=122, female: 72, male: 50) were selected based on random sampling method, specifically their availability, accessibility, and being voluntary. The data was collected paper-based through Social Media Teacher–Student Interaction Scale including 34-item in 5-point Likert type response format. The findings of independent sample t-test indicated from six types of teachers: virtual leader, traditional teacher, monitoring teacher, virtual activeness, social sharing, and academic sharing based on their interaction on social media with the students, there was a statistically significant difference in social media use of only traditional and virtually active teachers based on their gender. Moreover, the findings of one-way ANOVA revealed there was no statistically significant difference among their means based on their disciplines. Teachers further stated they would interact more friendly with their students if they were teaching at higher levels.


interaction in social media, interaction patterns of teachers-students, social media usage