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Investigation Of The Early Childhood Education Pre-Service Teachers' Collaborative Learning Experiences During The Digital Storytelling Creation Process

Berrin Dogusoy

[email protected], Mersin University

Hatice Sancar Tokmak

[email protected], Mersin University

This case study aimed to investigate Early Childhood Pre-service Teachers’ collaborative learning experiences while creating digital stories to teach young children. 15 pre-service teachers who were divided of groups of 3 participated to the study. The data collected through interviews, field notes, 3 open-ended questionnaires, and groups’ reports about all process. The results showed that except at the story writing part, all the group members worked together to digitalize stories. The group members wrote individual stories firstly. Then, they decided to select one of them, and made small changes the ones selected. However, finding visual parts and vocalizing the stories by using Photostory 3 program, all the group members came together and digitalize the stories. The groups stated that writing a story in line with the learning gains, students level as well as the attractive and interesting ones was very difficult. They also said that all the group members contributed the process equally. The group works were very instructive and entertaining for all groups.


collaborative learning, digital storytelling, early childhood education