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Science Education Teacher Candidates' Decision Of Educational Simulations Integration To Instruction

Hatice Sancar Tokmak

[email protected], Mersin University

This case study aimed to explore how science education teacher candidates designed and implemented their teaching activities supported with educational simulations. 24 science education teacher candidate participated to the study. During the Special Teaching Methods course, the teacher candidates were divided to groups of four and they designed classroom instruction with the support of educational simulations through micro teaching technique. The data were collected through interviews, observations and teacher candidates’ lesson plans. According to the results, the science education teacher candidates firstly take into account infrastructure of the class while deciding the integration of the simulation to the micro teaching activities. They selected the simulations according to learning gains of the lesson, and students’ level. Except one group, all the groups applied teacher-centered teaching approach in that they used the simulation and asked about the changed conditions and reasons. Only one group teacher candidates applied student centered approach in that they wanted their students to answer the questions in an activity paper after investigating the simulation they found for the micro teaching. The reasons of the most groups applied to teacher centered approach because of difficulty providing technology for all students.


micro teaching, science education, educational simulations