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The Usability Study Of Optical Head Tracking System

Hatice Sancar Tokmak

[email protected], Mersin University

Kursat Cagiltay

[email protected], Middle East Technical University

This case study aimed to evaluate user friendliess of the Optical Head Trackig System (OHTS).  The OHTS projects the images in an artificial reality systems onto eyes. This system was developed under a project supported by the TUBITAK. 25 boys and 5 girls participated to the study. The OHTS was entegrated with the Live for Speed game. The participants were recorded while playing the Live for Speed game by using OHTS via a video camera and a webcam.  Moreover, after they played the game, the participants were interviewed. The interviews were transcribed and coded by one of the researchers through open-coding analysis. The participants stated that although the OHTS was contributed to the user-friendliness of the game, their performances while playing games were effected by the system hardware. According to them, the OHTS provided for them to see whole game environment by eliminating the necessity of using mause/keybord. So, it made an improtant contribution to the users’ adaptation and usability of the game. The resuls of the video recordings and field notes supported the interview results. According to the field notes, the users’ concentration of playing the game by using OHTS were high.

Acknowledgement: This study was supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (under 1511 Program) Project Number: 7130149.


optical head tracking system, usability, game play