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Paper Guidelines

Please organize your abstract in accordance with the abstract submission guidelines. The Scientific Committee advises you to revise your abstract, and if it needs revisions please revise and resubmit it. The abstracts should be written in English or Turkish (i.e., the language you are going to present the study). We would like to remind that the abstract book will be prepared based on your submission.



Please upload your revised or extended abstract using the upload area on your home page if you will not be uploading a full paper.

- Abstract Template -

Title (Turkish or English based on your presentation language)

The title should be given as soon as possible to reflect the contents of papers, first in capital letters, align the center and should be written in bold. Abbreviation of the title should not be used unless absolutely necessary.

Authors (All authors' names contributing the paper)

Under the title and author's / authors' name and surname, address, e-mail addresses should be given.


Abstract should include the purpose of the study, the rationale, methodology, findings, discussion, and the results.


After Turkish or English abstracts ‘Key Words’ with minimum 3, maximum 5 words which reflects the content of manuscripts should be presented.



If you would like to publish in the ITTES 2017 Proceedings and sponsor journals, you should submit a full paper. After the acceptance of the abstract, you will be provided with an upload area on your submission page.


Paper Template

Page Structure and Typeface

Text of the manuscript should be written in line spacing which is specified in full manuscript template. Body of text should be single spaced, Times New Roman, font size 10 point and margins justified. 0,5 cm tab should be used and no space should be left between paragraphs. Full manuscripts should not exceed 10 pages excluding References and extended abstract and references.

Title and Sub-headings

The title should reflect the overall content of the manuscript in a short way as possible. First letters of the title should be in capital, 12 point, bold and intended to the center. No abbreviations should be used unless necessary. Author/s full names should be provided under the title ordered one in per line.  To be used in the review process, information about correspondent author should be provided in the first page as a footnote (Title, adress, affiliation, e-mail). Footnote should be in Times New Roman and 8 point.   

First letters of main headings in the text (Abstract, Introduction, etc.) should be uppercase, and the heading should be written in font size 10 point and bold. Headings should be given numbers and subheadings should also be numbered according to main headings. No space should be left after headings and paragraphs in the main body of the text.

Abstract and Extended Abstract

Abstract should not exceed 200 words. 1,5 cm tab should be given and written in 9 pt font size.

For the manuscripts written in Turkish, an English extended abstract between 500-750 words must be provided. No short English abstract is needed. For the manuscripts written in English, extended Turkish abstract is not needed.

Extended abstract should consist of rationale, aims, main findings, conclusions, discussion and suggestions. Extended abstract should be provided after short abstract; before the introduction of Turkish text. Title of extended abstract should be written in sentence case, 12 point, bold and intended to the left. Text of extended abstract should be written with font size 10, justified and normal text. No space between paragraphs should be left, and paragraphs should start with 0,5 cm. tab. Both short and extended abstract texts should be written in Times New Roman.

Headnotes and Footnotes

In the first page of the manuscript, head notes should be included. In the head note name of the journal should be given on the left; volume, issue number and page number should be written on the right of the page. Head note text should be 9 point, and Times New Roman. In the head notes of odd number pages (1, 3, 5 ,...) title of the manuscript should be provided with sentence case. In the head notes of even number pages (2, 4, 6,...)names of the authors, as starts with capital letter of family  name then surname with full capital letters. Example: Ü. SENEMOĞLU, İ. BAYRAM.

Page numbers of the manuscripts should be provided in the middle and at the bottom of the page.

Key Words

After Turkish and English abstracts ‘Key Words’ with minimum 3, maximum 5 words which reflects the content of manuscripts should be presented.


Manuscripts should consist of title, short abstract, key words, main body of text and correspondence details. In original scientific papers main body of text should consist of (Extended Abstract, Introduction, Aim, Method, Findings and discussion, Conclusions and Suggestions, References) sections. In studies like literature based, and translations, authors may choose and use appropriate titles and sections according to aim and scope of the paper.

Tables and Figures

Tables and figures should be presented in the same page without interruption. 10 point font size should be used in Tables. Table numbers (Table x.) should be given at the top of the table and only first letter of the name of the table should be uppercase. Figure number (Figure x.) should be given under the figure, and first letter of the name of the figure should be uppercase. Table, title of table, figure, and title of figure should be written in the middle of the page. In quoted tables and figures from other studies, referencing with page numbers should be provided at the end of the title of tables /figures.

Author Acknowledgements

Acknowledgements (support, thanks) should be given just before the References. If the manuscript is a summary of a thesis or if there are some supporting agencies for the study, these should be expressed in this section.

Citation and References

In the main text, when citation is needed surnames of authors and publication date and page numbers should be illustrated for direct quotations.  If there are citations which belong to same author/s and published in same year, then references should be illustrated as (a, b) in order to separate them. Citations given to references which consist of more the two authors, then “et al.” abbreviation should be used instead of writing all the author surnames, and the date should follow this abbreviation. “&” symbol should not be used in the main text for referencing.

For the referencing APA 6.0 Style APA (American Psychological Association, 6th ed., 2001) should be followed. (LİNK) References should be provided in alphabetical order. “&” symbol should be used before the last author in the references which consist of more than one authors in both Turkish and foreign references. Click for example referencing.


If needed appendices should be presented as (Appendix. 1, Appendix.2,..) after “Appendices” title in the new page.

Complying to the Rules

Author/s should make sure that manuscripts are fully compatible to the rules presented in here. Manuscripts, which do not comply with these rules should not be considered for a possible publication.